Autograph your YouTube videos to monetize.
 Make your work into digital collectibles
 for your fans to keep

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What is

MintClip is a creator tool to convert your YouTube videos into NFTs.‍

An NFT is a piece of digital media that can be owned, sold and traded. It's like autographing your videos for your fans just like Lebron or Messi do on their jerseys.‍

Manage YouTube NFTs for gifting or sales. All from one dashboard that's designed to fit nicely as a link in bio.

What is MintClip?

Give your fans
 a better reason
 to support you

MintClip makes supporting more fun.‍

When someone buys your NFT, they’ll be able to sell it for a profit as you become more successful - you and your fans are now in it together.

Give them a reason to tell their friends about you. Reward them for supporting you from the very beginning.

Give your fans a better reason to support you

Why MintClip?

Instant payout

Instant payout

No 30-day delays to get paid

No ads

No ads, no algorithms

Build a direct connection with your audience

Recurring passive income

Recurring income

5% creator royalty on every resale

Frequently Asked Questions

  • NFTs are "one-of-a-kind" assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property.

  • Everything is free except when you sell NFTs for profit. We charge 15% of the final selling price on the initial sale only. Minting, gifting and secondary sales are all 100% free.

  • We believe in the resale right of creators. On every resale of NFTs that happens on MintClip, the seller gets 95% and the original creator gets 5% as royalty.

  • No. The NFT purchaser does not get the intellectual property rights without an express written agreement between the creator and the buyer.

  • There's no 2-4 weeks of payout period; it will be deposited at your wallet instantly.

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Free until you’re ready to sell

Build your page. Mint NFTs. Gift them to your audience.
 All free with no limits - we only make money when you do.